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Throwback setup, Michigan 08.


Rothko Toast + Jams: SFMOMA for Jogging, 2013

Acme bread, apricot butter, and wild blueberry jam!


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The Young Girls of Rochefort - 1967

Slept up top, woke and looked over the edge. @yeeaassaayer album woods sesh is happening

Filling in on drums w @chromesparks tonight, subbing for @aaronsteeledamn . Extra innings w @_thecubanmissile54 in effect. @ccdrumco @istanbulagop (at House of Vans)

During his time in the military, my grandfather organized and directed the singing platoon.

Last @fragrantworld show for a minute ♥ (at Montauk N.Y.)

Final night in LA w @chetfaker

West coast drumming a few shows w @chetfaker this week. Simple clean @istanbulagop @ccdrumco

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